Start using the innovative Money Dashboard app today and get free equity in the business. Invest in future business growth with the Money Dashboard crowdfund.

The best app in the United Kingdom to track your expenses

It is critical to track your expenses to see where the money goes. This exposes your real spending and allows you to take action to save more money. I recommend Money Dashboard for automatic expense tracking and categorisation.

Money Dashboard leads the way in United Kingdom market for FCA-regulated Open Banking products. The engine of their product is their proprietary categorisation algorithm.

Money Dashboard Business Model

From the consumer side, you connect your various bank accounts and credit cards. All your transactions track and categorise automatically. Everything in one place. This provides immediate insight of your financial situation, something hitherto not possible. The customisable dashboard shows useful reports and widgets.

Money Dashboard already connects to most banks in the United Kingdom. Traditional investment platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges are coming next.

It will help you save money for free. Over 200,000 people have already joined Money Dashboard for free.

The wealth of consumer data available to Money Dashboard is driving the innovation of more and more useful consumer products and applications within Money Dashboard.

The sexy heart of Money Dashboard
The sexy heart of Money Dashboard

From the business side, these same consumer data, once anonymised, provide incredible insights to other organisations on consumer spending habits. Their business model is to rent out their categorisation algorithm to other businesses. Money Dashboard are first movers to become the de facto clearing house for open banking “value add”. Meanwhile, data moving through their algorithm are anonymsed and collected too. Money Dashboard has already partnered with Go Compare. I expect them to grow from strength to strength.

Raising funds with Crowdfunding

Money Dashboard is a private company. They are not listed on the stock exchange. They need more funds to grow the business. Money Dashboard is using crowdfunding to facilitate their next stage of growth. They already used crowdfunding to grow their business in 2017.

Crowdfunding is almost mainstream these days. Examples include the pre-product Kickstarter type investment, to crowdfunded ownership of shares in a property, such as Property Partner.

Unlike listed, public investments, with private investment there is no way to get your original investment or growth back. A liquidy event is required (No, this is not toilet humour.) Usually this means that the company must be bought out, or must list on an exchange.

Money Dashboard has plans to increase its valuation by 500% over the next five years and to then sell the company. This is in contrast to other crowdfunds, such as Brewdog’s Equity for Punks, where there are no stated intentions for a liquidity event. (Although their member incentives include cheap ale, which may drive you to drink.)

To invest your hard earned money in the Money Dashboard crowdfund, head over to Crowdcube before 20 June 2019. Funds invested by individuals in the crowdfund are eligible for 30% tax relief under the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).

Own shares in Money Dashboard for free

Money Dashboard puts a big chunk of their marketing spend into a member referral scheme. This means both you and I earn shares in the business when you join for free with my referral link. Yes, this means you will own equity in Money Dashboard for free. We both get 10 shares, worth around 50 – 60 pence at current valuation. These member shares are limited. Both the business and us now have the same incentive for growth and success.

Money Dashboard member shares
Money Dashboard member shares

The rest of the equity in the company is with existing investors and new money via the Money Dashboard crowdfund.


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